The question that get asked all the time. Here are the answers…

Frequently Asked Questions about Emotional Freedom Techniques

  1. Does it matter which hand? No
  2. Can I switch hands while tapping? Yes
  3. How many taps on each spot? 5 -7 times is recommended but sometimes more is better.
  4. Is the SET UP essential? Not always, but necessary in cases of psychological reversal (resistance).
  5. Will EFT take away natural (and healthy) emotional responses to situations? No
  6. How long do treatment results last? Often they can last forever. Untreated aspects can make it appear like it “comes back.”
  7. Do I have to believe in the treatment for it to work? No
  8. Does the treatment need to be repeated? Sometimes on a different aspect, but if it worked once, it usually works when repeated.
  9. Use the same EFT process for every issue? Yes
  10. Should I stop if the anxiety starts going up? No, in fact that is when you should continue to tap until the anxiety goes back down.
  11. What if I get the words wrong? I don’t know what words to use? You won’t get the words wrong if you just follow what is coming up in your mind. In fact you don’t need to say anything just tap on the anxiety or stress. Especially with kids who cannot express what is going on just have them tap on the tough feelings or yucky feelings, etc…
  12. Is this safe for kids? It is safe for everyone but it is good to manage your health and wellbeing before, during and after keeping yourself hydrated and oxygenated. Any medical issues should be consulted with your doctor.