Focused Healthy Family is EFT Tapping Solutions for Parents and Kids

Whether you are tapping for parent stress relief, child anxiety issues or just to find healing.

Nick Ortner from The Tapping Solutions with Megan Kelly – Tapping Segment on Today Show

Duke University Integrative Medicine Uses and Teaches EFT Tapping – Read About Here

(How To Do Energy Tapping Full Guide)

Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®), sometimes referred to as “tapping, is the process of self tapping on the meridians or acupressure points to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual functioning.  

Tapping Works on Physical Pain

Tapping Works on Physical Pain for No Reason

Donald Grothoff
  • Don Grothoff has over 18 years of Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) experience
  • Don has his certificate in EFT
  • Don has worked with trauma, weight loss, anxiety, phobias, fears, physical pain, OCD, ADHD
  •  Don works with parents, kids and individuals
  • Don works in his practice and with his wife in Focused Healthy Family
  • Don is the father of three kids, two have severe OCD
  • Don has been married to Gina since 1994

Essentially, you’re rebalancing your body’s energy system allowing a quick reduction in fight or flight which is the basis of anxiety, stress and emotional and physical distress. Once you reduce, remove or “reframe” the distress or trauma and allow your body and mind to re-balance themselves, you accelerate their ability to heal and perform.

Most people experience rapid, long-lasting results. The beauty of EFT® is that you don’t have to believe in it for it to work! Additionally:

EFT Body Tapping Points

Tapping Tools for Kids

Tapping Works on Physical Pain

Tapping Works on Physical Pain for No Reason

EFT and Schools

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Tapping in School in Pacific Grove, CA

Tapping in School in Mexico

Tapping in School in Australia

3EFT Studies for Kids

College Student EFT Study

EFT Study with Kids Chinese

EFT Study with Kids

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