Understanding You the Parent

Understanding you, the parent, plays a huge role in how we can understand and help your children.

Do any of these parenting styles hold some truth for you ?


The question is not “Is it right or wrong?” Find the answers by clicking the links to each above.

Are you finding yourself here:

  • Feeling like your parenting isn’t working
  • Disconnected from your child/children
  • Your family is not coming together as you dreamt it to be
  • Not able to talk to your kids.
  • A lot of stress in the house
  • At your wits end

Welcome to Focused Healthy Family!

Don Grothoff – EFT Practitioner and Coach and
Gina Grothoff – Occupational Therapist and Child-Led Learning Coach

Don works with individuals, parents and families

Gina works with parents and families

We are here to meet you where you are and empower you to go to where you want to be as a parent and family. We do our work naturally without medication.

When we work with families we hold these three key components in mind: 

Consciousness Collaboration Respect
  • Awareness
  • Openness
  • Understanding

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  • TeamWork
  • Communication
  • Togetherness

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  • Two Way Respect
  • Mutual Agreements
  • Feelings

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How can we help your family?