Meet the Grothoffs

Gina and Don

Donald and Gina are the proud parents of three children who are now 22, 18, and 11. With Donald being an author, speaker, EFT Practitioner, and Family Coach and Gina practicing Occupational Therapy, Child-Led Learning, and running a North Carolina homeschool website, one might think they were prepared for any parenting challenges.

But along with the joys and challenges of everyday parenting, the Grothoff family has experienced issues with mental illness, including a sudden personality and behavior change in their children which threw them for a loop.

Through a long, traumatic and difficult journey with many mistakes made along the way, Gina and Don found they had to listen to and take the advice from the professionals but needed to modify it to fit their values and beliefs.

Since then, their lives have led them down non-traditional paths of life, learning and following passions. Because of their unique journey and the realization that others struggle with similar challenges, Gina and Don are now passionate about helping other families find their way. They work together as Behavior Transformation Specialists, sought after speakers and facilitators, and run Focused Healthy Family in Charlotte, NC.

Don shares his personal experience of guiding his family through the traumatic diagnosis in his e-book “A Trip to the Non-Sensical: A Dad’s Journey Through His Daughter’s OCD”. He also shares his experience and advocacy for OCD and anxiety issues through his podcast

Gina sharing her life journey and experiences with an emphasis on conscious parenting and child-led learning on and, which she plans to turn into a book to help other families along the way.

Donald and Gina believe and teach that behavior is a foreign language and once the whole family understands the dialect unique to their family unit they can once again find peace, love and harmony – even amidst the chaos.

Why trust us?

  • Gina has over 25 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist
  • We are parents to three kids for over 22 years
  • Don has been an Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner for over 8 years
  • We have been down the challenging road of severe anxiety and behavior issues with two kids
  • We have experience in anxiety disorder treatment
  • We know and understand the hopeless place that anxiety can put you in
  • We have a plan
  • We can help you

Don’s EFT Training

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Tapping Training Certificate

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Practitioner’s Certificate
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