Meet Gina 

Gina Grothoff is an Occupational Therapist, Behavior Transformation Specialist, Parent of three, Writer, Homeschooling Mom and co-owner of Focused Healthy Family in Charlotte, NC

I was born on Peace Day, October 15, 1969 in Dover, NJ.  I have lived in NJ, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  I have been journaling since I was 10 years old- I still have all those journals.  I am a writer who was side tracked by a career in Occupational Therapy- a good career choice for me- I have been a part of many people’s lives and they in turn have enriched my life.

Gina Grothoff – Occupational Therapist and Mom

I began my adult life after graduating from Elizabethtown College, by moving -solo- in November of 1992 to  Charlotte, NC because an ad in an OT magazine said, “Shouldn’t you be in Charlotte?”  and once I arrived and interviewed at The Charlotte Rehab Hospital, part of Carolinas Medical Center, I knew this is where I belonged.  I have worked as an Occupational Therapist in adult and geriatric rehabilitation full-time, part-time, prn and with breaks as long as a year away from the profession to have more time with my children.

I met my soul mate and best friend, Don, in March of 1993. We got married in May of 1994 and we have been growing more in love and connection ever since.  We have three amazing, highly expressive, spirited teachers in our life, our children who span 11 years, joining our lives from 1997 to 2009. We enjoy learning and living alongside of them- in other words we are homeschoolers who follow more of an unschooling philosophy or learning through living as I like to call it- to keep it in the positive.

Being a mother is the most wonderful and powerful job I have ever had and ever will have.  It is my first priority.

Writing is my passion and making time for myself and my passions is very important for me as a parent both for myself and for my children.  Children learn by our example.  I am most passionate about writing about attachment parenting, and living and learning alongside my children.

I created a website for area homeschoolers in fall of 2008 and enjoy helping homeschoolers find information, resources and support. When I first became a mother, I never would have imagined that I would homeschool them!  I have learned so much from my children and am grateful that they are in my life as well as my husband, who came very close to leaving this life in May of 2011.  We are all glad he choose to stay here in this life.

I have been on the path of self-empowerment and growth and give much credit to Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series of books and Tracy Liebmann of Transforming Family for helping me to find my authentic self and voice and to express it.  My mission is consciousness-raising.

Meet Don

Donald Grothoff is an author, speaker, EFT Practitioner, Behavior Transformation Specialist, Parent of three and co-owner of Focused Healthy Family in Charlotte, NC USA.

Life continues to amaze me every day and I am grateful to be here now, and now developing this practice empowering other parents to find their own journey in parenting.

Donald Grothoff EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques PractitionerIn my life, I have met so many parents who have to deal every day with stress, exhaustion, fear, and worry because a member of their family deals with panic attacks, struggles in school and has social anxiety or suffers from daily anxiety.

In one night, Don, Gina and their family’s lives were changed when the beast of OCD invaded their house. It was a time that nearly tore their relationships and lives apart. That night back in 2009 my oldest daughter was overcome by OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and the journey through OCD began. My family went from “normal” life to a life of extreme chaos and turmoil in a matter of weeks. My energetic, happy-go-lucky, little girl’s life was thrown into anxiety, drama and pain. A few years later, just when they thought the beast had gone, it returned to capture another child and the struggle began again.

Gina and Don have taken these horrendous challenges and turned them into opportunities to help other families going through similar struggles. Along with my wife, I work with parents and kids to help them to self manage their emotions, empower them to take some control of their lives and strengthen their performance in all aspects of their lives.

Since that time my daughter has changed with the help of myself, my wife, family and others and the end result is our happy home and focused, healthy and happy child!” Maybe now it is time for you to find peace in your home and we would love to help.


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