Yes we have “Family” in our name but we work with individuals as well.

We know that everyone needs help with anxiety issues at some point in their life. Maybe it is a fear of heights or flying. Maybe it is panic attacks at work or school. Maybe it is the anxiety which causes weight issues (by the way losing weight starts in the mind). Maybe it is the dysfunctional family that you came from. Maybe you were adopted and carry a rejection feeling deep inside.

We have worked with those issue and so much more!

We have worked with ages from 3 to 78, women, men and kids.

Using tools like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Alpha-Stim® and others we can help you manage your anxiety naturally without drugs (we say manage because Anxiety is a natural process of protection for a person and we do not get rid of it) so you can live a normal, happy life again.

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