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Donald Grothoff EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques PractitionerIn my life, I have met so many parents who have to deal every day with stress, exhaustion, fear, and worry because a member of their family deals with panic attacks, struggles in school and has social anxiety or suffers from daily anxiety.

In one night, Don, Gina and their family’s lives were changed when the beast of OCD invaded their house. It was a time that nearly tore their relationships and lives apart. Just when they thought the beast had gone it returned to capture another child and the struggle began again. Gina and Don have taken those horrendous challenges and turned them into opportunities to help other families going through similar struggles.

Hi, I am Donald Grothoff, an EFT Practitioner, Behavior Transformation Specialist, a father, a husband, co-founder of Focused Healthy Family and Family OCD, friend and parent of children with special needs. Along with my wife, I work with parents and kids to help them to self manage their emotions, empower them to take some control of their lives and strengthen their performance in all aspects of their lives.

My passion for helping families started that one night back in 2009 when my own daughter was overcome by OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). My family went from “normal” life to a life of extreme chaos and turmoil in a matter of weeks. My energetic, happy-go-lucky, little girl’s life was thrown into anxiety, drama and pain.

Since that time my daughter has changed with the help of myself, my wife, family and others and the end result is our happy home and focused, healthy and happy child!” Through the work we have done with my daughter and other kids we have developed comprehensive programs to release the issues that plague families.

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