Parenting is a balancing act of concerns and challenges. Parents deal with exhaustion, worries about kids, concerns about our relationships, financial stress, thinking about what others must be imagining about our parenting style and much more.

Maybe we are dealing with a child with special needs and trying to function around all the effects that have on ourselves and our family. Are the other kids feeling neglected because our attention is demanded by the child with special needs?

On top of that, we tend to doubt our capabilities as a parent. Are we doing the right stuff, enough stuff or not doing it right in the first place. These fears blend into our relationship with our partner, who sometimes does agree on how to handle things.

Gina and Don Grothoff, because of their own experience in this, have developed programs to help families. Using techniques that are both family-friendly and effective Gina and Don lead you from where you are to where you wish to be with yourself and your family.

Our programs are based on three philosophies; Consciousness, Collaboration and Respect.


Changing the energy and clearing the mind helps kids and parents focus. Keeping focused improves performance in school, sports and activities of life.

  • Mindset
  • Mindfulness


The old saying fits so well here “In order to get respect, you have to give respect”.  Why do we stop with adults, children deserve our respect also.

  • Communication
  • Personality Dynamics
  • Relationships


Putting all the pieces together and building a strong family structure where everyone in the family works as a team.

  • Playful Learning
  • Family Team Building


The family is where we live, love, and learn and we believe it is the building block to society. Another word for family is community, so even though a person may not have a large family there usually is a community of friends that support them. When one in the family or community is experiencing issues it affects the family or community. The healing comes best when all are addressed and helped to heal.

Gina and Don have observed the potential of an individual, parent or child to be the best when their support system, we call family, is at it’s best.

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