Bowl Parenting

Are you a Bowl Style Parent? (Focused Healthy Family Parenting Style)

Bowl Style Parents are a collaborative, conscious and respectful style in their parenting.

  • Collaborative
    • working together as a family team
    • understand each person in a family’s uniques personality and learning how to blend them
  • Conscious 
    • Being aware of each member of the family’s strength and weaknesses
    • Clearing negative messages and baggage (especially for parents)
  • Respectful
    • Understanding that respect is a two way street – from parent to child and child to parent
    • Know each persons boundaries and space, helping to hold to them
  • Communication
    • Open
    • Level 
    • Clear
    • Reflective
  • Parents with this style are typically nurturing and understanding of feelings. 
  • Expectations are established by each person for themselves with family help.

This is our target!

Again the question isn’t “Is this good or bad?”

The questions are:

Are you willing to make this work for you and your family?

Can this be the style you feel comfortable using?

Do you want to bring your family together?

Let us show you how to make this your parenting style. If you are ready for a change simply fill out the form below and we will contact you:

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